Bravilor Novo filter coffee machine | + FREE Case of filter coffee

New Bravilor Novo Filter Machine with 2 Jugs and a FREE Case of Pour-Over Coffee worth €70

With the robustly designed Novo you quickly brew the required quantity of fresh filter coffee. This makes it possible to make coffee anywhere at locations without water mains.

The Novo makes coffee in a glass decanter and has two self-regulating hot plates that adjust the temperature to the quantity of coffee in the decanter.

This range of machines quickly brew small quantities of filter coffee into glass decanters. The Bravilor decanter has being specifically designed to preserve flavour.

The Novo-series has machines catering for differing capacities, and is designed to be filled manually thus they do not require fitting to water mains.

  • Quick filter machine for locations without water connection. Including 2 decanters for 1 litre of coffee in each.
  • Delicious, fresh filter coffee
  • The machines can be manually filled with water and therefore be placed anywhere
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Robust and quality appearance
  • Coffee of consistent quality: The self-regulating hot plates will re-adjust the temperature according to the amount of coffee in the decanter
  • User friendly and low maintenance



American Blend (Medium Roast) Filter Coffee:
An extremely popular easy-going coffee, makes a delightful cup at all times of the day – with or without milk or cream.
Distinguished and distinctive character an ideal coffee for any time of day without being too powerful.
Origins: Brazilian and Colombian Aribica Coffee Beans