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The FAEMA E61 was the first machine to use a volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during the whole extraction process, unlike lever machines.

Originally designed and built in 1961 and re-released in 2001 for its 40 year Anniversary, its now built maintaining the original design and materials. E61 features updated devices linked to its revolutionary technical solutions and its stainless steel elegant body. 

An automatic boiler fill, a built in volumetric pump, two pressure gauges, to control the pump and the boiler pressure, and the adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent).

E61 is available in the semi-automatic version “Legend” and in the automatic one “Jubilé”, which features dosed hot water and beverage selections.


  • Updated design of original 1961 version
  • Excellent quality in every cup
  • Reliable, High Performance Thermal System
  • 6 Litre Boiler (one group)
  • 11 Litre Boiler (two group)


  • Available in one and two or three (Legend version only) group versions
  • Available in Jublie (automatic) or Legend versions (semi-automatic)

Additional Information

  • Launched by FAEMA in 1961, the “E” in its name stands for “eclipse”. This is in honor of the total solar eclipse that happened on February 15th, 1961. 
  • The E61 Legend model is also the most commercially sold coffee machine of all time.

FAEMA E61 Coffee Machine Specifications