Rhinowares' new pitcher rinser design brings with it a number of features !!!

Previous Milk rinsers were taken from the beer industry. Beer is a different liquid to milk. Milk would accumulate in corners and creases of the rinser.

Rhiowares (a leader in the coffee industry) started from scratch and worked with Colorado State University students to design a tray that would quickly drain milk.

We also made a bigger actuator plate to take 32oz pitchers. 

  • Better Drainage  - The drain tray has an improved design to ensure there is no static build-up of residue along with a generous drain outlet.
  • Better Drainage  – The drain tray also has a larger sink hole, thus reducing clogging due to a build up of Milk that could occur with a smaller hole only a couple of mm in diameter
  • Bigger Vessels -  The large actuator plate makes it useful across a broader range of equipment.

Install Parts included with each rinser you will find some fittings and hoses to make installation easier ( 3/8 push fit inlet plus elbow option, 1 metre of inlet hose and drain hose with clip).

NSF Certified  - All Rhinowares Milk Pitcher Rinsers are NSF Certified.

Dimensions (approx): Width - 231mm x Length - 354mm

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