At we are passionate about Coffee and we have formed Strategic Partnerships with some of the Industries best Coffee Roasters who take their craftsmanship as serious as we do. We source our Coffee from locally based roasters based right here in Ireland to long established ones based in Venice, Italy and North London.

Roasting great coffee consistently takes years of experience, the latest technologies and intricate supply networks. We distribute right throughout Ireland many different blends of premium coffee beans sourced from the worlds leading roasters. 

A fundamental part of our business is to develop long term relationships with our growing customer base.

We do this through regular site visits where our customers can always ask any questions or for advice. We provide on-site Barista training, staff education & audits. Combined with consistent quality from our extensive product range allows our customers' business' to flourish. 

Our expertise, skill and passion is for transforming an excellent roasted bean into a superior cup of coffee. This expertise is based on the knowledge and experience of nearly 30 years in the Irish coffee industry.

There is no point sourcing the finest coffee beans if they are ruined in the process of making of coffee.

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