Aluminium 3 Cup Espresso Pot

Traditional Italian design Aluminium Espresso Pot, also called a Moka Pot or a Stove-Top Pot.

  • 3 Cup, 120ml

An easy and cheap way to make great coffee at home.

Very easy to use:

  1. Simply add cold water in the bottom chamber 
  2. Place ground coffee in the filter basket
  3. Scew on the top chamber
  4. Then place the Pot on a heat source. The water turns to steam rises through the ground coffee and reforms as coffee in the top chamber.

(Note: Aluminium Espresso Pots work on all types of hobs (Electric, Gas, Ceramic etc.) EXCEPT Induction Hobs. You will need a Stainless Steel Espresso Pot for an Induction Hob.)

The cup size of Espresso Pots are expressed in terms of Espresso Cups i.e. 40ml, therefore a 3 cup pot makes 120ml of coffee.

Espresso pots create a stong and intense coffee which can be enjoyed as a homemade espresso or alternatively the coffee can be added to a half mug of hot water to make a beautiful homemade 'Americano' .