Faema X1 Autosteam

Faema X1 Auto-steam is an elegant automatic bean to cup coffee machine with the latest technology and in the cup quality.

Auto-steam is the patented temperature-sensing steam wand system that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the hands-free heating or frothing of milk without manual intervention. The delivery of steam and air stops automatically when the programmed temperature is achieved, resulting in perfectly frothed milk with consistently dense and velvety foam. This automatic steam wand requires no daily cleaning cycle.


  • Ability to make 2 cups at the same time 
  • Smart boiler system (2.5 litre)
  • Double coffee hopper as standard
  • Vertical brewing chamber for even extraction
  • Hot Water for Tea
  • 8 drink variations options as standard


  • Milk precision system (MilkPS)
  • Automatic washing system (AWS)
  • Auto-Steam Milk4 could touch
  • Milk circuit wash cycle is fully automatic
FAEMA X1 AUTOSTEAM Machine Specifications