and Bristot Ireland at Hospitality Expo 2020

Hospitality Expo 2020

April 07, 2020

As you may recognise from the date this blog was created, it was typed during Covid-19, partially to keep me sane and to feel like I was actually still at work :)

As with so many of us right now, things are virtually on pause, my work now mainly consists of redeveloping our website to make it a better experience for our customers and potential customers. So I created this blog to inform you of some news type content, that our company has.

On February last, we decided to exhibit at the Hospitality Expo in the RDS, Dublin. The show was run over 2 days, Tuesday & Wednesday 25th/26th with lots of people coming through the door to see what was on offer.

It's the biggest trade show for our industry in 2020 with CATEX (the largest) being held every 2 years so we are looking forward to exhibiting at that in 2021.

Normally, companies use trade shows as an opportunity to showcase their latest product or as a meet and greet opportunity to stay connected with their customer base. And we were no different, apart from catching up with our customers in Dublin and the east of the country and those who also traveled from further a field we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee with so many of you. We also took the opportunity to show the latest coffee machine FAEMA has released. 

The FAEMA E71E, is one of their latest models, originally the prototype was released at the Amsterdam World of Coffee in 2018 which we were lucky to go to and see. Since then full production begin in the middle of 2019. I will talk more about this magnificent coffee machine and its features in a separate post, as its deserving of it, but all I can say if coffee machines were like cars then this would be one that most certainly turns heads.

We had a 3 group version paired with a Fiorenzato F83XGi Coffee Grinder (another serious piece of kit), basically its an electronic on demand coffee grinder with a built in digital scaling system what re-weights itself after ever use to optimise coffee distribution down to the .1 of a gram (Now were talking consistency).

We served up our Bristot Rainforest Blend to everyone who wanted a coffee. The feedback George and I received was unbelievable, you know your on a winner when even the security guys were queuing up several times a day, along with what felt like all the other exhibitors in the hall for their coffee.

The equipment/coffee I've mentioned above can be viewed/tasted in our showroom in Tuam or if that's a stretch too far, I can easily come a do a coffee tasting. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to bring the FAEMA E71E with me though ;)




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