A Family Business since 1989

We started supplying Cafes, Bars & Restaurants with premium coffee way back in 1989. It all began when Bryan had his own Cafe in the West of Ireland and found that he could not source a really good coffee locally. So he began sourcing his own coffee direct from a roaster. Everybody loved the coffee and so our journey begun as Bryan started a wholesale business.

Bryan used to pack up his little car (a blue Ford Escort with a Red Door) and literally began by going out & selling door to door. The coffee always went down a treat a Bryan used to come home with an empty car.

Second Generation

The Company expanded as Bryans reputation for his excellent coffees and personal service grew. It was at this point the second generation got a little taste for the business as Bryan would take us, his sons, George & Matt, out for the day on his routes during our summer holidays.

Now we are both involved in the business and have grown and expanded our product range and services.

Core Values

Even as our business grows, we have always maintained the core principles instilled in us by Bryan, to provide premium quality products with a top level, personal service.

We see the big picture and try to develop partnerships with our customers which benefit both parties, always providing honest, impartial advice.

Our goal has always been the development of long term relationships with our customers, with some customers with us over 20 years.

Our Furture

As we have grown up in the Coffee Industry we have seen the market grow and change over the last 30 years.

We continuously adapt and change, both the products we offer but also how we offer them.

We have recently moved in to new warehouses and have a new Coffee Machine Showroom and just opened a new state of the art Barista School.