Top of the range on demand Coffee Grinders for efficiency and style

Fiorenzato is the only company that is producing grinders burrs made with materials especially vetted for food preparation, such us the BÖLER M340 steel:

  • highly safe for food preparation

  • highly resistant to corrosion and wearing

  • highly solid 

  • longer life span

  • easily polishable

Our grinder burrs are internally produced by a number-controlled device, allowing for a manufacturing process that is all in one phase and thus ensuring high repeatability and very high standard for each and every grinder burr.

Manufactured and built in northern Italy, close to Venice & Treviso. Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders offer the very best even under the busiest operating conditions, when coffee consumption is very high. Reliable performance, ease of use and durability over time are the key components. Fiorenzato has an elegant design that makes them stand out in the most exclusive bars and restaurants.

Coffee roasted in Italy is a specialty known throughout the world; the best way to begin the day, the perfect fitting at the end of a lunch, or simply indulge in a delicious time out break during the day.

In order to achieve a truly excellent quality coffee, you must be able to processed to perfection right from the start. Naturally, the first essential stage is sourcing & roasting. Coffee beans are then packaged and sent to thousands of bars and restaurants, where they are freshly ground, and coffee is prepared and served.

Of this, one of the most important stages is grinding, as it is the moment when the coffee beans become powder: this must be fine and uniform, always consistent and with no variation in texture. Only in this way can coffee provide its fragrance and unique taste. It is also the pride and joy of bars, hotels and restaurants that are used to offering their customers only the best.