The new Fiorenzato range of professional coffee grinders offer touchscreen LCD displays with even bigger, more user-friendly colour screens. This allows easy viewing of coffee consumption statistics and enables you to check the state of wear of the burrs. Grinding is instant and dose adjustment electronic, so as to guarantee the exact weight of the coffee used. Doses can be single- or double-shot and can be adjusted independently from each other. In addition, the range is available in the Pro version, with a grinding chamber that can be easily and quickly removed, to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations. 

Fiorenzato is the only company that is producing grinders burrs made with materials especially vetted for food preparation, such as the M340 steel:

  • highly safe for food preparation

  • highly resistant to corrosion and wearing

  • highly solid 

  • longer life span

  • easily polishable

Fiorenzato grinder burrs are internally produced by a number-controlled device, allowing for a manufacturing process that is all in one phase and thus ensuring high repeatability and very high standard for each and every grinder burr. See our range below or discover more at