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– Direct and fair-trade relationships ensure better quality beans and consistency.

– Working with farms that give back as much to the land and people as it receives.

– Helping support the local communities and regions that supply our crops.

– Tractability not just back to the country and region but back to thefarm.

– Evaluation of quality by top class panels of tasters who monitor beansfrom farm to cup.


Member of Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) which promotes productive and efficient agriculture systems, biodiversity conversation and sustainable human development which ensures our farmers implement the best growing practices. www.san.ag

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Sunday Coffee Green Room Blend 1kg


Our Eco-friendly blend holds no compromises. Rich and lively structure with mellow body and acidity this blend is the ideal “all-day coffee“.

Tasting Notes; Light Chocolate, Fresh Almonds, Toasted Hazelnuts, Dried Fruit, Marzipan

Origins; Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, India


Aligned with “Rainforest Alliance, SUNDAY offers a blend grown on Rainforest Alliance certified farms. These plantations undertake the task to comply with current standards for the conservation of natural resources and respect of workers’ rights.

For more information, please also visit: www.rainforest-alliance.org

1% of all Green Room Blend sales are donated to «SurfriderEurope» which aid in the protection of our oceans and beaches. www.surfrider.eu

Membership with Surfers against Sewage250 Club helps keep beaches in order. Surfers against Sewage

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Sunday Coffee Original Blend 1kg


This premium high quality blend of well balanced central American and a touch of Indian beans offers consistent body, working beautifully as a straight Espresso or with milk.

Tasting Notes: Milky Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts, Red Currant Acidity,Toast, Cocoa

Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, India


A unique blend comprised of organic and fair-trade ground coffee.Carefully selected Central American beans lightly roasted offering a delicate taste profile. Juicy, sweet and refined acidity carries notes of Clementine and roasted hazelnuts, with a lingering, pleasant aftertaste.

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