Attento Milk Thermometer Strip

Thermometer that sticks to your pitcher of choice.

  • Reacts quicker than a classic thermometer!
  • Never in the way when frothing!
  • Never needs calibration!

More Information

The Attento is a thermo-label which you put on your frothing pitcher. The label has liquid crystal slots which indicate the accurate temperature by turning black from green. Faster than lightning A big issue with standard frothing thermometers is the delay. They are very often up to several seconds out of sync with the actual temperature of the milk. This is a natural effect of all probe thermometers. This is not a problem with the Attento. Liquid Crystals don't wait to turn green when a certain temperature have been reached, they react instantly! Always at hand Most bars have thermometers. In a drawer or a box with other less-used stuff.... Once you put the Attento on a pitcher it stays there for years to come, showing the temp of every latte you serve day in and day out. It is of course dishwasher safe.