Baratza Encore ESP Grinder|Black


The Baratza Encore ESP Grinder delivers consistent and precise grinding with its innovative multi-purpose adjustment mechanism, featuring micro-steps from #1-20 for high resolution espresso grinding, and macro-steps from #21-40 for filter brewing methods. Enjoy the convenience of its 54mm dosing cup (plus 58mm adapter ring) for easy transfer of grounds directly into the portafilter, and a powerful high-torque DC motor for effortless burr rotation. Perfect for any home espresso machine.

  • Black

  • Dimensions L/H/D: 13 x 34 x 15 cm

  • Bean hopper capacity: 230 g

  • Ground bin capacity: 142 g

  • Speed To Grind: 1.5 g/sec. - 2.4 g/sec. / 550 RPM

  • Weight: 3.1 kg