Brewista Smart Scale |||


The Brewista Smart Scale III is a must-have for any coffee lover, whether you're a home barista or a professional. With innovative features, a sleek design, and USB-C rechargeability, this scale is perfect for perfecting your espresso and pour-over techniques. Its compact size also makes it ideal for smaller setups.


  • Easily adjust to zero when an empty container is placed on scale
  • Easily track brew time for precise recipes
  • Automatically powers off when not in use
  • Saves energy and extends battery life
  • Five User Modes
  • Use your unit preferences (grams or ounces)
  • Capacity of 2000 grams (70 ounces)
  • Accuracy of +/- 1 gram
  • Portafilter holder for easy double-spout espresso pulls
  • Perfect for many ingredient and cooking tasks
  • Protective Cover and Silicone Pad
  • Silicone pad resists water and temperature changes