Bristot Diamante Filter Range (3 X 250g)

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A diamond is the ultimate symbol of preciousness, of rarity, and of perfection. The Grand Cru Diamond signature range blends carefully selected rare coffees of strongly identifiable origin with regional excellence to obtain a flavour of unrivaled pleasure.


The fragrances of the best Brazilian Arabica Alta Mogiana qualities and of the selected Indian Arabica are emphasised by the slow roasting. A touch of Robusta India Parchment enriches its character which is expressed in all its aromatic tones using the espresso maker.


The Brazilian Alta Mogiana, the selected Arabica Guatemala Huehuetenango and Colombia Huila coffees marry well with the spiced India Plantation coffee, to obtain a blend of superior quality. The result is an aromatic coffee, with chocolate, citron and fruity undertones. Ground coffee for espresso maker, filter and French press cafetieres.


A well-balanced blend of Brazilian Arabica Santos Cerrado, Arabica India Plantation and Robusta India Parchment coffees, which enables you to obtain an intense coffee with a sweet taste, pleasant spiced notes and dark chocolate undertones when using an espresso maker, coffee percolator or French press cafetiere.

Pack Size

Ground 3 x 250g