Mahlkönig E65S K30 Burrs

Experience the "Gold-Standard" of professional Espresso grinding with the Mahlkönig E65S K30 Burrs. This German-made machine is perfect for medium-volume Cafés, with a grind speed of up to 4.5g/sec and the capability to produce up to 800kg of grinding volume. Enjoy fast beverage preparation and the best taste for your recipes in just 30 seconds.]


For E65S, E65S GbW, K30, K30 2.0, K30 TWIN, K30 TWIN 2.0, K30 ES/VARIO and K30 VARIO AIR espresso grinders. Also compatible with Anfim Pratica and Ditting KE/KED espresso grinders.

Material: hardened special steel
Diameter: 65mm
Finish: glass bead blasted for optimal deburring and prevention of burr settling behavior
Hardness: 64-66 HRC (Rockwell)
Medium Setting Grind Life: ca. 800kg



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