Dealing with coffee equipment during and post COVID 19

Dealing with coffee equipment during and post COVID 19

May 31, 2020

Are you a cafe or restaurant who has been forced to close your business due to Covid-19?

We've all been affected in some way due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Ireland's response has been impressive and as a country it's fair to say we've all had to do our bit. For some, this has meant closing your business, many of which are generations old, others who were literally at the start of their journey, finally realising the dream of opening up a cafe, only to have to close it again without fully knowing if it will be viable in the future.

It's worth pointing out that nothing compares to the health and well being of our family and friends and having to do this was certainty the correct decision. 

We ourselves have managed to remain open, all be it at a lower capacity, for which we consider ourselves lucky, in that coffee is one of those things people just cant live without.

So with cafes largely remaining closed, this in turn has seen an explosion in retail and online orders, all of which we are grateful for, so thank you.

We also created a quick guide, collaborating with our roasting partners Bristot, to help you protect your coffee equipment. It's a step by step guide as what to do prior to re-opening. The guide is in relation to you Coffee Machine, Coffee Grinder and Water Filter.

You can download a pdf copy straight to your phone or desktop too

Click here to see the pdf guide

If you have any questions in relation to the guide please feel free to contact us

You can do that here Contact Us


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